Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Erika R

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do black men like natural hair?

The answer - YES!

Now there seems to be a perception that black men don't like natural hair on black women. There might be some out here that don't but that is because they rarely see it. Think about it ladies, a young black man grows up with his black mother, sisters etc.. and they all have relaxers, straighten hair, weaves etc.. The majority of the black sex symbols (Beyonce, Jessica white, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna) have weaves or relaxers. Young black men are conditioned to like straight hair because of what they see on television and magazines but also what they see in real life. The majority of the black women chose to relax their hair over wearing it natural. If more black women went natural and more black female celebrities went natural then more black men will begin to appreciate it. That being said a lot of us already do. I personally prefer it so black women don't be afraid to go natural.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I love black women

Black women are the reason why I am here, my mother, grandmother are some of my biggest support systems. Black women in my life are the most loving and affectionate people that I know. Black women are strong but at the same time soft and feminine, they speak their minds but make a man feel like a man. Black women have stood by black men throughout all of our struggles as black people so I'm here to say thank you. Know that you are beautiful, don't listen to the brainwashed brothas out here because they do not represent all black men. Many of us love and appreciate you.I love a black woman's expressive beautiful smiles and genuine laugh.
I love the full lips, light skin to dark chocolate skin, natural hair. Black women are queens.